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Our Purpose
  • Secure public policies that benefit ALL New Yorkers, including people who live in poverty and especially children and families.
  • Skillfully demonstrate to elected representatives the value of prioritizing children and families and intervening early and effectively to build a healthier and more robust New York.

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Hear Kate Breslin explain SCAA’s purpose: 

How We’ve Helped

We hold State government accountable to a vision of New York that is fair for all its residents, making it a stronger and better place to live. We have made very tangible differences in the lives of families and children living in poverty by:

  • Helping hundreds of foster care youth go to college and get health care. Learn More
  • Protecting low-income children’s dental health across the state by securing funding for communities to prevent tooth decay. Learn More
  • Helping to develop ways to better protect children and prevent abuse and neglect. Learn More
  • Securing tens of thousands of new pre-kindergarten opportunities across the state.

When We Win

How We Work
  • We collect hard data – the facts – that clarify the nature, scope and severity of the problems facing underserved New Yorkers.
  • We collaborate strategically with relevant parties to develop meaningful solutions and programs – creating a shared and aligned agenda for progress.
  • We make a solid case to policy makers able to deliver results that positively impact the lives of the people who really need it, thereby providing desirable cost/benefit efficiency.

President's Corner

Congratulations to all of us on defeating the damaging health bill in the Senate. We defeated this bill because people from across the nation came together and in one voice said “no!” – Read More >

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