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First 1,000 Days on Medicaid

During 2017, New York State Medicaid brought together a cross-section of over 200 stakeholders from education, child development, child welfare, pediatrics, and mental health to develop recommendations for how Medicaid could improve outcomes for the youngest New Yorkers, aged zero to three years, nearly sixty percent of whom are covered by Medicaid. 

The first 1,000 days of life present a crucial period of opportunity to support optimal development with lifelong consequences, as a child’s brain develops most rapidly during the first three years.  And interventions that help ensure healthy development and reduce childhood adversity in the early years have been shown to contribute to lifelong improvements in physical and mental health.  By taking an intentional focus on the early days, weeks, and years of a child’s life, New York has the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our children, with benefits that continue into youth and adulthood.


On February 9th, the Schuyler Center and The Children’s Agenda hosted a webinar“Promoting the First 1,000 Days on Medicaid Initiative in the NYS Budget,to provide information about what is in the Executive Budget and how colleagues can help ensure implementation of the First 1,000 Days initiative.  Resources from the webinar are provided below.