Child Care Advocacy Day, February 4, 2019.

Photo credit to the New York Union Child Care Coalition (NYUCCC)


High-quality child care, pre-K and other early learning opportunities can significantly improve educational outcomes for the long-term, and reduce disparities. Research shows that the achievement gap appears long before children reach Kindergarten, and can be evident as early as nine months.

Access to quality child care also enables parents to work and achieve economic stability. Yet, child care in New York is among the most expensive in the nation, costing an average of $15,000 per year for full-day center-based care. This high cost creates significant economic hardship for working New York families and is an impediment to employment. A single parent working full time at $15.00 an hour (higher than the minimum wage in most of the state) would earn an annual salary of $31,000; with only one child, that parent could be required to spend as much as 50% of her income on child care. For many New York families with young children, child care is their largest monthly bill. Yet, due to the shortage of child care subsidies and other .

Child care educators caring for New York’s youngest are paid wages that leave them living at or near poverty without benefits, and can undermine quality due to high turnover and the stress of economic insecurity.supports, approximately 80% of low-income working families must shoulder these high costs alone – or not work.

Empire State Child Care Coalition

Policy Focus:
  • Work with the newly created Child Care Availability Task Force toward advancing a comprehensive plan to restructure and equitably expand access to quality child care to all NY families.
  • Increase State funding to counties for child care subsidies and program operation to expand equitable access to quality child care to more working families.
  • Increase State funding to increase subsidy reimbursement rates to keep struggling providers across the state in business, and enable them to pay their workforce a living wage.
  • Ensure immigrant families have access to quality child care.

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