A quarter of a million babies are born in New York each year. Nearly half are born to low-income families and over 100,000 are born to first-time mothers. The Schuyler Center places a priority on ensuring a strong start for all children and families. This includes efforts to improve child and family outcomes through prenatal and postpartum supports and services for families with young children, including maternal, infant and early childhood home visiting. New York will benefit from investments to help all children thrive and be socially, physically, and emotionally ready for school and life.

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Home is Where the Start Is: Expanding Home Visiting to Strengthen All of New York’s Families. June 2016

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The Impact of Home Visiting: Personal Stories

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Home Visiting Programs in NYS-1

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Now available! A series of interactive maps show the availability of six research-based home visiting programs across New York State. The maps also show the reach of the programs layered with child poverty rates as one indicator of the need for these critical services within communities.
Find the maps here, and visualize home visiting in New York!

Thank you to the Council on Children and Families for developing these maps, and working with the Statewide Home Visiting Workgroup to capture the reach of each program.



Overview of Select Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Home Visiting Programs, provides side-by-side comparison of six major home visiting programs in NYS.  September 2016

Testimony submitted to the Joint Fiscal Committees on the SFY 2016-17 Executive Budget Human Services Budget Hearing.  February 9, 2016.  Submitted by Kate Breslin, President and CEO, Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy.

Maternal and Child Well-Being: Invest in Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting, February 2016


Other Helpful Resources:

From the Statewide Home Visiting Workgroup: Moving Toward a Statewide Home Visiting System elements chart, September 2014

Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaboratives (MICHC), a webinar presented by the Schuyler Center with representatives from the New York State Department of Health to explain the MICHC program. For additional information, also see the MICHC PowerPoint Presentation from the webinar and a list of MICHC programs by county. August 19, 2014

Blending & Braiding to Support Early Childhood Home Visiting in New York, January 2014

Early Childhood Guide to Blending & Braiding in New York, October 2013

Solving Social Ills Through Early Childhood Home Visiting a report from the PEW Home Visiting Campaign, January 2013

Medicaid Financing of Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs: Options, Opportunities, and Challenges, a National Academy for State Health Policy report, June 2012